Sad Chain of Events

Droskar is an asshole

Smoke of the Forgespurned filled the lungs of four of our heroes and dragged them to the Purgatory of the Dwarven god of slavery and toil, Droskar. The soul of Abbott Gristogar Ashbreath, the man who lead the overtaking of Droskar’s Crucible, he was the poor soul forced to be a Forgespurned. He was one link away from serving his penance to Droskar but was cut shy by our heroes. In revenge he dragged the heroes back with him to purgatory as an offering to his god, to each he locked their souls to his own by forging a link of chain to each of their chests. Droskar had other plans, a powerful cleric of his had asked for aid in the form of Droskar’s Bellows a mysterious artifact lost to time. Droskar sent Tysse, Arciom, Krom and Jenter back to the material plane along with Gristogar (once again a Forgespurned). Here they searched a long buried crypt now dedicated to the art of necromancy. Puzzles were solved, undead were sent back to the grave and spirits were disturbed. Finally, the heroes came face to face with Damnation, the Spectre who ruled this crypt. Amongst the clang of battle, Arciom tripped a trap that sent the team crashing to a room below where ghasts awaited to steal their life force. Arciom valiantly fought against the spectre alone, armed with a recovered holy sword of Pelor. While this battle raged upstairs, Krom, Tysse and Jenter squared off against the ghasts. Fighting with all the power of the forests, Tysse was soon overran by the ghasts, and fell beneath their life sucking maws. They tore into his flesh, infecting his corpse with their evil corruption. Arciom too was struck down by Damnation, sapping the life from him with each blow. Damnation descended on Jenter, but by the luck of the gods, he remembered a spectres vulnerability to sunlight. Allowing Krom to avenge his elven brother and put an end to Damnation. With Arciom fighting for his life, Krom found the Bellows and demanded Droskar to return them to safety. He did. Krom and Jenter are back at the Cruicble’s Forge, Gristogar’s soul is now free, Arciom lays on the Crucible floor in critical condition, and the leader of the Broken Oak druids lay dead, about to become a ghast at midnight, his soul is trapped in the purgatory of Droskar, and at his will he slaves eternal at the slavemaster’s forges. And somewhere in Dohman a cleric of Droskar holds the mighty Bellows, using its powers for evil.



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