Forge Spurned, Abbott Gristogar Ashbreath

Tormented Soul of a Dwarf sworn to serve Droskar


The choking odor of smelted steel tinged with
burnt hair and flesh wafts on a foul wind. The jangling of heavy chains echoes ominously. A
hulking dwarf wrapped in heavy steel links approaches. Its face, hands, and body are riddled with glowing hot hooks and half-melted razor wire. Black smoke rises from its smoldering beard, framing its freakishly contorted face in ashy darkness. The tormented thing hefts a black iron hammer and as it charges the chains draping its form spring to life like metal serpents.


When a dwarven worshiper of Droskar perishes, he is brought before his divine lord and judged. If the Master of the Dark Furnace finds him unworthy he is pierced with burning barbs and returned to the world as an undead terror on an accursed errand to gather souls for Droskar’s Furnace. The penance varies depending on how displeased the master is with his subject. Lesser offenders need only capture ten or twenty souls to appease Droskar. Others are condemned to spend several lifetimes gathering hundreds of souls to earn a reprieve from their fiery torment. Most of these accursed cast offs are dwarven smiths, warriors, or clanlords who failed to please the Master of the Dark Furnace in life. They are consumed with their need to forge their soul chains and prey upon any creature they feel they can easily best. If a forge spurned is felled and its chain taken by another, it seethes in dark fury. A forge spurned stops at nothing to retrieve its chain, lest it be forced to forge another, extending its period of burning torment.

Forge Spurned, Abbott Gristogar Ashbreath

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