Child Werewolf


Seemingly a lost girl with scabbed knees and twigs in her hair. Secretly a smart and wild lycanthrope.


Jeva was the quiet, well-mannered young daughter of a well-to-do family of potters living in Falcon’s Hollow. One day, the girl and her parents ventured into the countryside for a pleasant picnic. The family outing took a bloody turn when a large wolf burst from the brambles and savaged her parents before her eyes. Jeva’s screams drew the attention of some nearby lumberjacks, who drove off the slavering beast, but not before it sank its teeth into her arm. Her parents dead, Jeva ended up at Elara’s Halfway House. No longer a sweet little girl, she was transformed into a hateful monstrous child. The first week of Jeva’s stay a boy who bullied her in the yard one morning was found dead at the bottom of the stairs the next night, his neck broken, seemingly from a bad spill. A few days later, the elderly groundskeeper chided Jeva about playing in the garden. He was found with his throat torn out in his chambers early the next morning. The truth behind Jeva’s murderous nature became apparent when the full moon rose and she transformed into a hideous werewolf, butchering three of her bedmates before Elara was able to lock her in a storage closet. From then on, Elara kept the little girl shackled to a wall in the basement and each night she tried to “purge the beast” from the girl with silvered knives and whips. Her “treatment” only deepened Jeva’s evil rage. Finally, one night Jeva managed to pick
her lock with a bobby pin that fell unnoticed from Elara’s hair as she administered her nightly dose of “holy cleansing.” Jeva overpowered her tormenter, gnawed through Elara’s throat, and drank deep of the old woman’s blood as she died. Jeva then prowled the halfway house, dispatching her fellow orphans in a night of red terror. Her thirst for blood and vengeance thoroughly slaked, she doused the place with casks of lamp oil stored in the basement and watched it burn


Dohman Padgett