King Ferris Calvin

King of the realms of Men and Voice of The Concurrence.


Standing at imposing height and garbed in modest but superior made attire. A golden Crown sits on his balding head. His soldiers body has taken time well and his face reflects many brutal battles. He has since put down sword and shield but still swings a mighty temper.


His Majesty King Ferris Calvin, IV of his name is the rightful heir to the realm of Men. His Great Great Grandfather King Shaemus Calvin II was the King who joined forces with the other noble races to form The Concurrence. As Prince Calvin, Ferris led many battles for the Concurrence, against Goblins, Orcs and Milltear Alinvir’s own Drow forces. After his father’s death, Ferris returned to New Bastion from his family home in Dragonsbridge to serve on the Concurrence as King.

King Ferris Calvin

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