Herbalist and Owner of Roots & Remedies


A stress worn, dark skinned human of middle age. Her hair pulled back in a tight pony-tail conveys her no nonsense attitude. She smells subtly of dirt and floral perfumes.


The Owner and learned Herbalist of Roots and Remedies,whose income stems as much from her sale of
snake oils and aphrodisiacs as from questionable cure-alls and bitter teas. As quick to suggest expensive remedies as she is to remind angry buyers that she is not, in fact, a physician, Laurel does her best to help those who come to her in need, but her tight income, need to survive, and pride prevent her from admitting failure.In treating the blackscour taint, as in
most cases, Laurel has turned to her grandmother’s tome of recipes, cures, and spells
for aid. Although the book contains no actual magic, it holds the rooted wisdom of generations of Laurel’s family, including the teachings of the Witch of Darkmoon Vale, Ulizmila, from whom Laurel’s grandmother learned in exchange for her sight.

Laurel received the ingredients from the fledgling adventurers and quickly went to work creating a cure. Luckily, it worked and the lives of many in the town were saved.

Laurel now continues her work in the shop while pondering over the fungus sample left with her by Tysse.


Dohman Padgett