Magistrate Benton Friar

The deceased Magistrate of Falcon's Hollow.


A rotund man in hi late 50’s. The hair on his head receded and turned white. He walked with a gnarled staff and wore modest robes.


The Friars have ran Falcon’s Hollow for centuries. Since the Concuurance was formed the Friars have still been recognized as the official Magistrates. Benton Friar dedicated his life to trying to control the usual wild ways of Falcon’s Hollow, especially keeping the Lumber Consortium from over foresting. His wife died during the birth of his son Brendon Friar. Benton tried to continue the legacy and groom Brendon to rule, but after a particular nasty argument Brendon left Falcon’s Hollow to follow his dream of adventuring. Last spring Benton Friar passed away and his cousin Michael Cailli has taken his seat, claiming that the Concurrance passed the badge of office to him.

Magistrate Benton Friar

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