Glint Axe

Masterwork Battle Axe.

weapon (melee)

A dwarven made battleaxe inscribed with the name “Glintaxe” it glows subtly.


Glintaxe arrived at the monastery planning to probe its secrets and
retrieve the Grasp of Droskar, an axe created
by one of his ancestors a thousand years
ago. Sadly, his wild carousing the night
before his arrival left the usually steady
warrior a little under the weather. Addled
by drink and exhausted from the long hike
to the Crucible, he decided to catch a short
nap in area 5 before continuing deeper into
the ruined monastery. As he slumbered, a
gelatinous cube engulfed him and quickly
digested the dwarven hero

Glint Axe

Dohman Padgett