Soul Speaker

A disgusting shrunken head, on a lether band necklace. It's eyes and mouth sown shut.


This grotesque, amulet-like shrunken head
is said to contain the enslaved soul of its
former owner. Forced to obey whomever
carries it, once per day a soulspeaker can
repeat a message as if the spell magic mouth
were cast upon it. The owner must merely
hold the 6-inch-in-diameter head and speak
his message and the conditions under which
the soulspeaker should repeat it. While it
carries a message, the eyes of the stitched
head stretch open, closing as soon as its
message has been delivered.

Aura Faint illusion; cl 3rd
slot amulet; Price 2,400 gp


The previous owner of this head, before the witch Ulzemila, was a scout for the Lumber Consortium. He lost it when trying to convince Ulezimila that she should move and sell her land to the Consortium for generous amount. Instead she convinced him that he was better suited for a role as a scarecrow and magically talking shrunken head.

Soul Speaker

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