Rumble in the Tunnels

Taste fist Kobold Bitch!

When the smoke cleared from the Forgespurned, Tysse lay dead, Arciom is missing and the rest of our team was reunited. Cabor soon returned from Falcon’s Hollow with Tysse’s betrothed, Kartesa Moonstruck. Once hopeing to be reunited with her love, she finds him cold with the breath of life torn from his body and a necromantic bane coursing through his dead veins. She tore from his body his sacred oak seed, returned his body to the earth and swore to avenge his death and return his soul to the cycle. After retrieving their boons left by Gristogar, the team traveled deeper into the Kobold Warrens. More Kobold guards were killed as the team pushed on, even battling their mounted ranks perched upon the vile Slurks. In an abandoned storage room the team found a Choker obviously on the brink of death and defenseless, succumbing to centipede poison.
Cabor’s complaints to move on and stop wasting time clashed with Newguylio’s need to end its life. While they bickered, Talmer and Tysse moved in to save the Chokers life, and allowed him to withdraw into the rafters. The sounds of battle had given Merlokrep time to prepare his tribe for ambush the heroes. After the team dispatched some slurks and evaded a series of Dark Talon assasins, the emerged into the main hall of the Kobold King. Wave after wave of Kobolds and Slurks died at the feet of the cornered heroes, Skkirrrrssshhhh the choker even returned to repay Talmer and Tysse’s kindness. With blood on their hands and a newly tamed Slurk, Newguylio and Cabor rushed into the Merlokrep’s throne room. He hailed them, and welcomed them a place of honor as the sacrifice to his crown. Of course our heroes declined which threw Merlokrep into a rage. His guards held back Krom, Kartesa, Edgrin and Talmer while Magic Missiles battered Newguylio into unconsciousness and his axe " Man-Feller" tore through Cabors armor almost killing him. Eventually his Mage Armor was pierced by a well place shot from Krom’s shocking bow ( a gift from Gristogar)weakening him. Jenter was then able to send a magic missile down his bloody maw. as the magic tore threw him Jenter stood up to the Kobold King, removed his crown and held forward the soul speaker, the voice of one of Merlokreps own slave assured him all was well before Jenter slammed the Grasp of Droskar into his face. Next, the heroes arrived just in time to save the last child from a ritual sacrifice, but sadly the heroes were far to late to stop Jekkajak from killing Edgrin’s adventuring partner. With the children saved and the Truescale Tribe all but obliterated, the team went to leave in hopes of finding Arciom, but on their way out they stumbled upon Vregma, the Kings consort. She had stolen Arciom away while the team lay unconscious and bound him up in her quarters, she nursed him back to health in hopes of having her way sexually with the handsome half-elf. Newguylio’s grotesque advances were enough to back her down while the team freed Arciom and headed back to Falcon’s Hollow, two more children in tow.



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