The Eye of the Badge of Office

Can't trust the Government.

Our heroes returned to Falcon’s Hollow once again as heroes. Their new friend Edgrin Galesong bid them farewell and hoped they would meet again in New Bastion. The team split up to drop the kids off at their homes. Krom Redwood, Newguylio and Cabor drop young Jurin Kreed off at Thuldrin Kreed’s mansion. Against his earlier promise, Thuldrin pays a small some of 250 gp for the return of his only son. This enrages the warriors and they insult the richest man in Falcon’s Hollow. His enforcer “Pay Day” Teedum and some of his lackeys were quickly dispatched thanks to the help of the Apollo Fellheart, the tiefling bard. Krom swears to Kreed that he will get his, no one stiffs Krom Redwood.
Meanwhile, Jentur and Talmer return young Hollin Habbradan to his sister Ralla, she thanks them profusely but fears of the owner of The Rouge Lady. Talmer and Jentur then went to Kadran Bloodeye to speak with him of the gospel of Ehlonna.
The team reunites in high market after dropping of young Savram Vade at his fathers tower, he promises to aid the adventurers should they desire his services. The team is unsure about the tiefling and his desire to join an adventuring group. When a messenger arrives from the magistrate requesting the heroes fro a job, then decide to take Apollo on a probationary outing.
Michael Cailli has had his badge of office stolen and without it his and his aunts cannot govern Falcon’s Hollow. He believes the previous magistrates son or Thuldrin Kreed had stolen it. The heroes set out to find leads on the badges whereabouts. After an unsuccessful day of goose chasing the team returns to The Goose n’ Gander for rest and drinks. The owner of the bar, Steve McKenna, let slip of a strange halfling that had drank at the inn the same night of the theft. The team ponder their choices as a farmer steps into the inn looking for protection for the long road to Pip’s Plot. The team jump on the chance and accompany him to Pip’s Plot.
After a run in with a strangely dressed Goblin and a temple of Falanghan, the team arrives at The Tin Whistle. That night at the inn, an assasin wannabe tried to sneak into their room but the alert and watchful Kartessa caught him, but not before he killed himself with a suicide capsule. His friends ran to the north leaving a trail for the wily Stormaggedon to follow. The trail ends at a shack on the hill, with a outhouse leading into a secret pathway into the house.
The path into the house was piece by piece revealed to be a testing ground for a rogues guild. Traps and tests assaulted the team but the team make it into a scene were the estranged son the old Magistrate is confronted by a Rogue’s Guild that has quickly changed their allegiances. The heroes burst forth from the dungeon to protect Brandon Friar, but do not stop a Wererat from biting him. The rogue’s guild is dispatched and Brandon is saved, the team vow to help Brandon take back his chair. On their way out of the shack, Cabor catches a glimpse of a pool of water, in the water was the reflection of a beautiful young white haired women.
The heroes escort Brandon back to Falcon’s Hollow and march right into the Hollow Tribunal. The team confronts Cailli, he tries to make Brandon doubt his new allies but his outburst shows the true nature of Cailli’s aunts, the three still beautiful older women are revealed to be a Coven of Hags. Their loyal Ogre guardians disguised as guards launch into an all out assault on the heroes. The Sea Hag laid her Evil Eye on Cabor instantly paralyzing him. The battle was epic. Brandon was sliced open and lay bleeding on the dias, Cailli perishes with a arrow in his frail chest. Newguylio cuts the Sea Hag in half, this causes a disruption in the Coven causing the Hag’s Eye that was hidden in the Badge of Office to weaken. Kartessa sensing this disturbance in the purse, snatches the eye and crushes it blinding one hag. Finally the hags and ogre’s were slayed and Brandon was saved.
Brandon asks the heroes to go to New Bastion to get him a new uncorrupted Badge of Office. The heroes are now decorated saviors of Falcons Hollow. The town buzzes with joy as Brandon starts his first day in office. Fines and levies are laid heavy on Thuldrin Kreed, he meekly accepts as he doesn’t want his assets seized. An investigation into the robbery and murder of Kadran Bloodeye is half-heartedly brushed aside for more important issues, a Madame Tormau steps up as the new owner of the Rouge Lady, instead the sheriff investigates a fire that had started at the lumber mill but was quenched by the quick actions and strength of Tim Rhoddam . New businesses open up as young Ralla Habbradan with a mysteriously large sum of money buys Kadran’s old property and opens a dress shop.



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