Grand King Olotin Thundertongue

Grand King of the Dwarves, Odins Hand, Clan Cheiftan and Voice of the Concurrence.


A stocky and muscular dwarf, smiling beneath his waist length white beard. Usually seen in fine Dwarven armor, he relaxes in Rich green clothes adorned with much gold and silver. His loud, boisterous voice fills the halls of the capitol.


The Thundertongue clan has ruled over the dwarven clans since before they started keeping record of such things. The few upstart clans were all smashed beneath the Thundertongue’s warhammers. Olotin Thundertongue helped with the forming of The Concurrence and has sat the Dawarven throne since it’s inception, leaving his younger brother Boltin as Magistrate of Thorinmore. Now that peace resides over New Bastion and the major cities,lighthearted Olotin concerns himself with managing the feasts, tournaments and surprise ale inspections of the local taverns.

Grand King Olotin Thundertongue

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