Miss Teagan Lavender

Burgomaster, Prank Queen, and Voice of the Concurrence.


3’ tall and smug, the diminutive leader of the Gnomish people carries a big personality. She takes her position with a lighthearted approach and dresses more casually then the others. Her hair is dyed a bright pink and her clothes vary with the changing trends. Young by certain standards, she brings a youthful view to The Concurrence


At the last election of the Burgomaster, Teagan Lavender set out to make herself known from Zzpxtyton to New Bastion. With her alchemical knowledge and own cunning she managed to dye the scales of an entire Kobold War Clan bright purple. The embarrassed Kobolds still hide in Harsh Marsh today with bright lavender hides. Her contenders quickly backed down, named her Burgomaster, and sent her to New Bastion. She is the newest member and has only held the chair for 3 years.

Miss Teagan Lavender

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